man who thinks lesbians means "less beans" and capitalism means "wearing hats": I like capitalism and do not like lesbians

@clarjon1 @ben Why do the beans need an urgent reply?

Is this an emergency bean-based message?

@hirnbrot @ben Well they had less beans, so clearly it is very urgent.

@clarjon1 @ben I can see how it would be urgent to _acquire_ beans if you don't have enough. They are the musical fruit, after all.

But if you already _have_ beans, why would you need to reply?

@hirnbrot @ben If I'm sending someone beans, I would want to know that they arrived safe and sound. Urgently. If I don't get a reply I may believe they did not receive beans, and send MORE beans as a replacement!

@clarjon1 @ben But that just sets up perverse incentives, in which the bebeaned does not need to answer, lest the bean shipments stop.

This is about cabeantalism vs combeanunism again, isn't it?

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